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Heat Treatment

Vacuum furnace heat treating is used to alter the condition or properties in metals or metal alloys. The advantage of heat treatment in a vacuum atmosphere is that it keeps metals pristine clean and with no surface oxides. Vacuum can virtually eliminate post heat treat cleaning. Basis for heat treating can include the following:

  • Removing stresses such as those that typically developed in the machining and/or welding of a part
  • Refine the grain structure of metals
  • Increase toughness by providing a combination of high tensile strength and good ductility to enhance impact strength
  • Improve the cutting properties of tool steels
  • Enhance electrical properties
  • Alter magnetic properties


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Services Overview From commercial to military applications we can help you solve your most difficult brazing needs. Specializing in microwave components and assemblies, that often require dissimilar metals

Brazecom Industries also offers turnkey services. From a "one off" prototype part to large production runs we have the ability to accommodate our customers.

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